June 12, 2002 spout


While I definitely do have faith that there is a higher power in the universe (although I haven’t yet decided if the universe is a good place to be or if it’s just a simulation solving some higher level non-deterministic finite state automata), I’m not a religious man. If fact, I consider myself a completely recovered Catholic (I’ve been clean and sober for more than a decade and I never feel the need to go back for another hit off the body of Christ) [1].

Likewise, I’m not a superstitious man. I understand that going under a ladder may cause pain if something drops on me, but not for some other mystical reason. Similarly, breaking mirrors could cut you, but only the most serious of cuts could last for 7 years.

Still and all, I do believe in karma, otherwise stated as what goes around, comes around.” It’s happened many times in my life that a lot of bad luck eventually yields to a lot of good luck. Likewise, when you do bad, bad comes back at you and when you do good, good comes back. Of course, these phenomenon can be explained by statistics and human nature respectively, but I prefer to think of a giant celestial scoreboard that I can affect by doing good for people. Or, and this happened just today, if I do something to cause harm, even if there’s nothing I can do to make it up to the person involved, I often find myself feeling better if I do something good for someone completely different. Oh, wait, maybe I am superstitious… Still, I find it a comforting way to run my life, so I’m going to stick with it. : )

[1] I’ve known practicing Catholics that are offended by the idea that Catholicism is a disease to be recovered from. Sorry.