June 30, 2004 spout

#1 Windows Forms Book

Wednesday, June 30th, 2004

I just got word from my publisher that, according to the industry-wide metrics they use, Windows Forms Programming in C# is the #1 seller in it’s category week-to-week by a wide margin over everyone but Petzold (who I’m still beating, but by a smaller margin). And while Petzold has sold more copies overall, he had a 2-year head start on me and I’m gaining. Further, earlier today, Amazon.com had the book listed as the #5 best selling computer book (although it’s at #10 right now with a sales rank of 459 and a ranking of 5 out of 5 with 52 reviews).

I normally try to toot my own horn a little more subtly than this, but the idea that I could learn Windows programming from the best-selling Windows book author of all time and then, 10 years later, beat his sales numbers makes me damn proud. Thanks to all the reviewers and folks that gave me feedback on the materials in my articles, to Shawn Wildermuth and Mike Weinhardt, who actually contributed material to the book and to Addison-Wesley for printing it (and then re-printing it, and then re-printing it… : ).