April 1, 2005 spout

My First New Job at Microsoft

Today’s my last day at MSDN. I will no longer be content strategizing for Longhorn/WinFX or smart clients or acting as liaison between marketing, evangelism and the product teams internally and developers externally. And I’m really going to miss it. MSDN took a flier on me being a successful Microsoft employee in a culture that doesn’t much like remote folk and made a very comfortable home for me. I could’ve gone on for a long time in that role.

Still, I felt another calling. At Microsoft, it seems like all of the action is with the product teams. To come to Microsoft as a software engineer and not work on a product team seemed like starting with the Yankees but never getting out of the dugout.

So, on Monday, I start in DSG (the Distributed Systems Group) aka the team that owns Indigo. I’ll be are looking at ways to extend the notions of modeling that we’ve incorporated deeply into the stack and make them more general” (or so my new boss says). I can’t tell begin to describe how lucky I feel. Not only do I get to be on a real product team, still mostly from my house in Oregon, but I get to work on a very juicy problem. Further, I get to do it with Oliver Sharp, one of the prime movers on the Indigo team, along with a growing group of other people way smarter than I. It reminds me of the heyday of a certain training company with which I once had a deep relationship.

Two weeks ago, Oliver sent me a list of 10 fun computer sciency things to dig into that could take months. Last week I was helping the team get ready for a BillG review. This week I was trading emails with the team and a Sr. VP on the direction of the market and how it affects our product plans. Is this what it’s like for an addict that’s given up their habit to take it up again? If software engineering is wrong, I don’t want to be right! : )