July 27, 2001 tools

Simple Object II ATL ObjectWizard Extension

July 27, 2001

The Simple Object II ATL ObjectWizard Extension (whew — I’ve got to come up with a shorter name…) provides the following features:

  • Support for [oleautomation] interfaces.
  • Support for the Neutral-threaded apartment.
  • Support for IDispatch-based interfaces other than duals.
  • Better support for disabling features that do not make sense together, e.g. FTM + ThreadingModel=Apartment.
  • Updated pop-up help.

Originally, SimpleObject2 was built to do away with the one benefit of IDispatchImpl over IDelegatingDispImpl — wizard support. As do most things developed under the greedy eye of my colleagues, it grew to support a few more features than that. It’s available for download here. Enjoy.