March 30, 2004 spout

Buy My Comic Book Collection


I’ve had 2600 comic books bagged and boxed in my garage since I’ve had a garage. These are comics that I collected as a kid and had always planned on turning into Benjamins. However, when doing a massive do-it-yourself Clean Sweep on my entire house, I figured it was time. But I couldn’t sell them to a local comic shop, as they can only give me a tiny fraction of their worth, so I immediately thought about eBay. And that’s why the comics have been sitting in my garage for so long. The mere thought of cataloging, assessing, photoing and posting all 2600, even in reasonable groups, was way more work than I was willing to do. And so they sat.

That is, until I was driving with a pack of MSLearning folks on our way to lunch recently in Redmond and came across a Bidadoo truck. I’d never heard of it, but they explained it as a new startup dedicated to taking your stuff, particularly your collections, and doing all of the grunt work to get it sold on eBay, including bringing in experts to help them figure out exactly what’s what. So I spent 5 hours putting making a list of what was in my 9 long comic boxes, hauled them up to their showroom” in Redmond and now they’re getting ready to put my entire comic collection on eBay for 33% off to top. They’ve got 34 of my X-Menu comics up on eBay in 6 bundles now and they’ll be doing the rest directly.

So, in summary, buy my comics and check out Bidadoo (if for no other reason than their fun name — I’m a sucker for double meanings : ).