February 18, 2004

Cheap Stan Lippman Knock Off


In this post, Stan Lippman writes about the syntax for Param Arrays in VC++ Whidbey. And while I don’t do much C++ anymore, I’m reading his piece with rapt attention, just like I read all of his writing. However, one throw-away statement in this blog entry spoke to me particularly:

If I had felt a larger space of available time, I would have motivated the presentation, pointing out the analogy with the existing uses of ellipsis, pointing out alternative designs and the associated problems, and in general leading the reader to an appreciation of what was chosen.”

When I write, I’m always striving to motivate, point out analogies, point out the alternatives and the associated problems and lead the reader to an appreciation of what was chosen (although I never could have stated it as clearly as Stan did w/o even trying). Apparently, I’ve been a Stan Lippman wannabe for years. Who knew? : )