November 15, 2003

First Computing Experience

Here. Brad Wilson and Chris Anderson list their first computing experiences. My first was in the library where I grew up (my mom was a single librarian for a while and needed to bring me to work). I was about 5 years old and the "computer" was a giant VT paper terminal. Every command I typed when onto 132-column pin-feed paper and was also sent across town to the U of MN's computers. I played maze and hunt the wumpus for hours. My first programming experience was Applesoft Basic on an Apple II+ (my mom asked if I wanted an Apple //e, but I thought that 80 columns and lower case was just a fad : ). During high school, I spent 4 years as a full-time Basic programmer (only attending school during the day). And, like all Basic programmers seem to, I was writing database applications (to track my D&D characters, of course!).