September 24, 2003

Blog: Laura John, an MSDN PM on a mission

Here. Laura John is a PM at MSDN working to add some much-needed process to MSDN. I don't know if you know this, but MSDN is growing and changing. I'm a member of a species at MSDN: a Content Strategist. Others include people you're likely to know and read: Kent Sharkey, Duncan Mackenzie, Tim Ewald, etc. Together, we form a rag-tag team busy throwing off ideas and feature requirements and half-implemented code to be added to our Developer Centers. Anything but a menu structure on MSDN's library content is pretty new to MSDN and what the CSes are doing is disruptive, frankly. Laura is one of those calm, gentle folks adding process to the chaos. She and I are both fairly new to MSDN and we hit it off immediately. She's into "just enough process," which is what I came to know and love in my own s/w orgs. Anyway, that all serves as an intro to her new blog, which I've subscribed to and encourage you to do the same. I think she really gets what makes processes and orgs work (and not just 'cuz she agrees with me : ). Enjoy.