July 23, 2003

Intelligent Search Agents” Made Real

Here. Remember when we were going to have intelligent search agents that would search the web for us and find things that matched our interests? Well, Wired does it today with search results returned in RSS format. Clicking on the link for this item gives me an RSS feed for "longhorn" related items from Wired News, making sure I see what's up on that topic (as far as Wired News is concerned, anyway). To compose a new RSS feed tailored to your tastes, surf to wired.com and enter your search term. When it returns, clicking on the (rss) link will give you an RSS feed to drop into your aggregrator (my favorite is SharpReader). Then, whenever your aggregator updates, it'll check for new search results and bam! intelligent search agents acting in the background on your behalf. Very, very cool. [scriptingnews.com]