July 10, 2003

Forgetting the pain of childbirth

Apparently, as excruciating as giving birth is, women quickly forget it when they've got the baby in their arms. I say “apparently,” because having watched my wife give birth to my first son, I can’t imagine that she’d have agreed to the other if she had clear memories of what it was like. That’s what happens to me at each DevCon. Every time I run one, folks say nice things about it, which means that I completely forget what it’s like during the actual conference. The pain can be excruciating. As each person gives their talk, I’m giving it right along with them, willing them to do well and being pained when, inevitably, sometimes, they don’t. When something goes wrong, it pains me as much as if it was happening to me directly. And yet, this is “SellsCon” IV (as Don calls it) and I keep doing them. Luckily, I tend to forget the pain once I have the baby in my arms, which will be sometime on Friday after 5:45pm.