October 11, 2002 .net

SQL Server Centric .NET Code Generator

Here. "SQL Server Centric .NET Code Generator (code named OlyMars) is both a flexible and powerful code generator based on database modeling. It allows instant generation of both SQL and .Net code providing a complete library of stored procedures, .NET classes and ready-to-use Windows/Web form controls (including associated documentation). SQL Server Centric .NET Code Generator is also fully extensible to use one's own custom templates and consequently can be adjusted to generate any custom code respecting a homogeneous implementation scheme within the company (can be written either in VB .NET or C# .NET)." This isn't particularly new, but it's new to me and it's from Microsoft France. I also saw that Justin Rudd has used it. Can anyone contribute any comments about OlyMars? [pinetree-tech.com/weblog]