June 23, 2008 spout

George Carlin, Rest In Peace

When I was a teenager, some kids were sneaking out to get drunk or have sex. I was sneaking into my parents’ record collection to listen to George Carlin. Unfortunately, unleashing my version of his brand of humor on my peers was one of the things that kept me from being invited for parties or sex, but I still dearly loved the man and was very sorry to hear that he passed away yesterday.

Certain situations still trigger George Carlin responses whether I want them to or not; he is permanently lodged in my brain. And of all the things he’s done, his incomplete list of impolite words is stuck in there furthest (*not* safe for work!).

I’ll miss you, George. Give whatever all-powerful being you run into in the next life a piece of your mind about the state they’ve left us in here on Earth.

Update: a very NSFW GC highlight video series.