January 12, 2006 spout writing

Survey: The Future of Publishing

Karen Gettman, my editor at Addison-Wesley, called and asked me a bunch of questions about the future of publishing yesterday. After our discussion, she asked if I knew anyone else and I volunteered to put a survey up on my web site.

To answer this survey, send the questions below and your answers to Karen.Gettman@AWL.com. Also, include your phone number so Karen can call to follow up (she finds the phone conversations to be most illuminating when it comes to really figuring out how people want to get to info — we spent a bunch of time talking about hardware and software for ebooks). Thanks from Karen for your help!

  1. How do you learn about things to keep current in your job?
  2. What questions have you recently had and how did you search for the answers?
  3. How do #1 and #2 work well and poorly today?
  4. How would you like your information served up?”
  5. What part of content (besides the content itself) do you value the most (name of its creator, form factor, etc.)?