August 18, 2002 tools

Genghis v0.3 Release

What’s new in Genghis v0.3:

  • Screen shots for everything.
  • Source available via CVS repository.
  • MRU support, including both in-menu and sub-menu support.
  • A much more robust set of validation components modeled along the lines of the ASP.NET validation components, including required, regex, range and comparison validators.
  • FileDocument component for document/dirty bit handling.
  • Wizard support, including changing page groups on the fly!
  • Custom state treeview so that you can set and show all three checkbox states.
  • A class to expose the WinForms HandleCollector so that you can put your own custom resources into it.
  • A Screen Saver class.
  • A bunch of file utility classes, including retrieving mapped drives, retrieving shares and path resolution.
  • A cursor changer class that works with the using block.
  • A WebCommandLineHelper class to parse command line arguments from the URL used to launch href-exes.
  • Update to the FileNameDialog to include newish flags.