October 28, 2004 .net

Way Cool Windows Forms 2.0 Samples

My Windows Forms partner in crime, Mike Weinhardt, pointed out to me this morning that the Windows Forms team has posted their way cool Windows Forms 2.0 samples, including:

  • Design Mode Dialog - Mike Harsh
    This is a sample dialog component that allows any form to go into design mode” at runtime. This component highlights the new, easy to consume, designer infrastructure APIs in Whidbey and has the same usage pattern as other common dialogs.
  • Stock Quote Chart Generator - Joe Stegman
    This app uses the sample asynchronously polls a web service for stock quotes and charts the results over a customizable time period.
  • MSN Messenger Clone - Scott Morrison
    This is a Windows Forms app that emulates the functionality of MSN Messenger.
  • Internet Explorer Clone - Joe Stegman
    This is a Windows Forms app that looks like Internet Explorer 6 and uses the new WebBrowser control.
  • Windows Forms RSS Portal - Joe Stegman
    This is portal type application that aggregates RSS feeds asynchronously.
  • Outlook 2003 Clone - Joe Stegman
    This is a UI front end that has the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook 2003.