May 7, 2004 .net

The WinFS Team on the Status of WinFS


After Business Week reported the death of WinFS, some folks have been justifiably worried that such a cool feature would, in fact, be missing when their copy of Longhorn showed up at their door. Today Toby Whitney, the Group Program Manager of the WinFS team, stepped in to report that WinFS was alive and well:

WinFS is in good shape and hasn’t been cut from Longhorn.  We’re going to ship it :-).  What we need is your feedback on whether we’re building the right thing.  It’d be great if you went to MSDN and downloaded the newest bits.  They’re much more stable and represent a big evolution of what we’re doing.”

To provide the feedback that Toby is looking for, download Longhorn and the Longhorn SDK from the MSDN Subscriber Downloads section and post your feedback on the WinFS newsgroup, where Toby posted his response and the WinFS team is hangs out waiting for you.