February 7, 2003 spout

Saving Your Career

Friday, Feb 7, 2003

In response to Never Send An Email In Anger, Lars Bergstrom recommended that I set up a rule that defers sending an email for 1 minute. I set it for 2 minutes under Outlook XP like so:

  • Tools->Rules Wizard
  • New
  • Start From A Blank Rule
  • Check messages after sending
  • Which condition(s) do you want to check? -> None
  • This rule will be applied to every message you send. Is this correct? -> Yes
  • What do you want to do with this message? -> defer delivery by a number of minutes
  • a number of minutes -> 2
  • Finish

And it works like a charm. It’s always w/in the first second that I wish I could recall a message, so two minutes should be more than enough. Wahoo!