February 19, 2002 interview

Tough Interview

Chris Sells, 2/19/2002

I woke up this morning with a splitting headache. Just before I woke, I was dreaming that I was interviewing at Microsoft. They held nothing back. It was a group affair with several role-playing scenarios to see how I would handle them. At the end, they threw a mock wedding and sat Tate Donovan (Joshua from the Friends TV show) right next to me while he pretended to be a loud, drunk uncle. I ended up dragging him outside into the street and when he pulled a knife (he was also a Vietnam vet, apparently). I was able to get in one good shot before he killed” me. Later I attempted to save face by explaining to Tate that I would’ve done better, but I was afraid to hurt him. Tate looked at me as if to say, At Microsoft, we don’t hold back.” Tough interview.