Applied XML Developers Conference 5
applied topics for xml & web service zealots

October 20-21, 2004, Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, Washington (40 minutes from Portland Int'l Airport)

Spirit of the Developer's Conference

The goal of the Applied XML Developer's Conference is to cut away all the unessential conference baggage and concentrate on why we're spending time at a conference in the first place -- the talks by industry experts and experienced practitioners. By doing so, we can keep the price, and your wasted time, to a minimum. In fact, if you don't go away with your head hurting from all the new ideas you've heard, we've haven't done our job!


I've never been a fan of slides sans speaker, but here they are if you weren't able to attend or you just miss us. : )


I got so tons of positive feedback during the DevCon, not only from the attendees in person about the talks, the venue, the format, etc, for which I thanked each person sincerely. However, the number of posts on the web, including a reporter's piece on DevSource, was overwhelming:

Aaron Hockley

Adam Kinney

Andrew Stopford

Avenir Software

Chris Anderson

Chris Pels

Chris Sells

Daniel Cazzulino

Dare Obasanjo

Dave Bettin

Dave Donaldson

Dave Winer

David Peterson



Don Box

Don "XML" Demsak

Don Smith


Ian White

Jay Kimble

Jeff Barr

Jeff Julian

Jim Blizzard

John Gossman

Jon Fancey


Justin Long

Kurt Cagle


Martin Gudgin


Omri Gazitt

Paul Mooney

Rebecca Dias

Rich Claussen

Richard Norman

Rick Jelliffe

Rick Langdon

Robert Hurlbut

Robert Scoble

Rod Paddock

Rory Blyth

Sam Gentile

Sam Ruby

Scott Hanselman

Scott Bloom

Sean McGrath

Shawn Morrissey

Simon Fell

Steve Maine

Thinking Out Loud

Tim Bray

Tim Ewald

Discuss (especially if you've found a DevCon blogger or blog entry I missed)


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