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Sessions on CD

The materials for both the DevCon West and the DevCon East are available on CD, including the slides, several whitepapers and a video interview between Don Box and Chris Sells.

See you next time!

This wraps up another successful DevCon. I'd like to thank the speakers and the attendees for making another great show. I hope to do another real soon. Thanks for coming!

Said About the DevCon East:

About Keynote, Sam Ruby

About Designing a RESTful SOAP API, Peter Drayton

About When Web Services Go Bad, Steve Loughran

About W3C XML Schema, Noah Mendelsohn

About Using Inheritance in a Web Services, Scott Seely

About Web Services in the Doctor's Office, Dr. Aleksey Nudelman

About .NET, XSLT, and Web Services, Christopher Dix

About Types and Semantics In a Web Service Universe, Don Box

About The Right Way to Build Web Services, Yasser Shohoud

About Web Services Diagnostics, David Seidel & Mark Ericson

About Building Web Services Using System.XML, Tim Ewald

About Network Infrastructure Requirements for Web Services, Eugene Kuznetsov

About Web Service Security Support in .NET, Keith Ballinger

About The Web Services X-Files: Tales from the Labs, Clemens Vasters

About What Web Services Needs to Know About PKI, Rich Salz


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