Sessions on Audio

Audio tapes of all the sessions as well as a video of the keynote and some special video interviews are available now! Tell your unhappy friends that had to miss the conference and check it out the interviews from your favorite speakers.

Seen at the DevCon

Craig Andera (attendee, speaker and official photographer) posted his pictures of the DevCon here.

See you next time!

This wraps up another successful DevCon. I'd like to thank the speakers and the attendees for making another great show. I hope to do another real soon. Thanks for coming!

Said about the DevCon:

About Keynote, Don Box:

About .NET Web Service interop in the real world, Tim Ewald

About Comparing the Two .NET SOAP Stacks, Brent Rector

About "When Web Services Go Bad," Steve Loughran

About "Network infrastructure requirements for web services," Eugene Kuznetsov

About "Unusual applications of web services", Patrick Logan

About "SOAP over alternate protocols," Peter Drayton

About "Implementing GXA specifications on .NET," Keith Ballinger

About "Using XSLT to implement web services," Craig Andera


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