Asked by ATW subscribers. Answered by the Wonk on February 27, 2003


In the recent survey I sent out, everyone really likes the material I've produced for ATW, but everyone also has the same complaint, "Why aren't my questions being answered more quickly?" This feedback comes in spite of the fact that since ATW opened on Jan 8, I've posted answers to 50 questions. It's clear that I'm not going to be able to keep you guys happy all by myself.

Another interesting piece of feedback was that people would be willing to pay a premium for answers that they got more quickly. Towards that end, I suggest that we move ATW to the following model:

I think that this new model encourages the sense of community that ATW currently lacks as well as encouraging a high signal-to-noise ratio (can't get paid if you don't post good content) and helps folks get quality answers to their important questions quickly. Also, since it's my forum, I'd be there to put up answers just like anyone else.

Questions I'd Love Feedback On

What do you think about this new model? Would you like the ability to assign a monetary value to questions that need a more prompt answer? Would you be interested in answering questions?


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