Have a Beer While You Interview

From Shawn:

"This was about the most uncommon set of interviews I had ever had. When I interviewed for Microsoft I didn't go to the Redmond campus instead they flew me down to Las Colinas TX. I was interviewing for a Developer Support position. Most of the interviews were normal except for the extremely long wait periods in between because it seemed everybody that was supposed to interview me either didn't show up or was too busy. So Microsoft had to find "other" employees to interview me.

"The most interesting one though was when one of the managers that was supposed to interview me was stuck in meetings so I think they grabbed the first cubicle they came to. He walked in with a few loose sheets of paper and asked if I had a resume. He asked me what I was interviewing for and looked at my resume. A minute later he looked up and told me he was unsure why he was interviewing me because my knowledge and his department were unrelated. Then he told me he was quite put out because he had just bought a six pack and was drinking it in his cubicle before he was pushed into this interview. I asked him if he drank often at work and he said quite a bit. I don't know if this is common but I found it quite interesting."