Web Services DevCon West 2002

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A Few Notable Worthies
Your Host and Ringmaster
Recorded For Posterity
Sing a Song of XML
Dev Con Panorama
Wait Until You See What I Have In My Bag
Brent Rector, Wise Owl
Tim Ewald: Human COM Object
DM Guys Abound
Peter Drayton and Bob Beauchemin
Bob Conducts a WSIL Singalong
Member of the Collective #24217
Get Comfy
On Deck
The Brains and the Beauty Behind the Operation
The Operation
Web Services Dev Con Staff
Tim Ewald, Chris Sells, Melissa Selss, Kate Perko
Panel Power
The First Ever XML Barroom Brawl - Seconds Before
Peter Astonishes the Crowd by Evaoporating Into Smoke
My Brain Hurts
IBM Versus Microsoft - The Final Battle
Peter's Angelic Glow
Criminal Masterminds
UDDI In Action: The service has been discovered, now it is time to integrate!
Photographer, Speaker, Attendee - He Does it All
Remnants of the Dev Con
Keith Ballinger
Quote of the week, "I don't know anything about DIME."
Best Shirt Ever
Towering Over Other Developers

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